Saturday, March 12, 2011

Should the animals be used for scientific research? Is it humanity ?

Well, its really nice to catch up with you all after 3 full months...The one excuse I can give you is I was a bit busy with my school, friends and studies..Now I've got an amazing topic on which one definitely has to register their views and opinions...The topic is all about animals, well, not barely but something like discussing whether using animals for scientific research is right or wrong?! This issue has been affecting the ecological system for quite a long time.. The more number of usage of animals actually paves a way for the animals to extinct, and we all very well know what would be the effect of animal extinction to us!
We still cannot refuse the fact that humans are actually benefitted by the entire process of animal test.. yet there is a loss of another soul right in the ecology.. humans can even tolerate if its all about testing just the medicinally approved drugs but using them for the test of cosmetics would really deserve some sort of opposition which would at least be a part of banning all these stuff!

Some people has to be clear with just one fact that all the living beings are equally same as they are all made by the god.. The one reason why the tigers are reaching the level of extinction is that is just that they are used for the evaluation purposes..We, educated people, know the value of every single life so well, but, still we're so much concerned about our selfness which is the most unwanted element in the society.. we get scared when we see the animals but we ourselves have paved a way to them to get scared of us and this is the effect of harming them...Beyond all the barriers they still fight to sustain but their lives are not in their a single human being, all i can say is..I WONT BUY COSMETICS UNTIL AND UNLESS ITS GIVES ME A GUARANTEE THAT IS HASN'T HARMED ANY ANIMAL AT ANY PART OF IT'S PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING, EVALUATING AND TRANSPORTING! and i am just too sure that if every person is too keen on this single statement, everything will change..
let's not harm them.. they are just too innocent to be troubled.. lets love them.. they have feelings..