Saturday, March 12, 2011

Should the animals be used for scientific research? Is it humanity ?

Well, its really nice to catch up with you all after 3 full months...The one excuse I can give you is I was a bit busy with my school, friends and studies..Now I've got an amazing topic on which one definitely has to register their views and opinions...The topic is all about animals, well, not barely but something like discussing whether using animals for scientific research is right or wrong?! This issue has been affecting the ecological system for quite a long time.. The more number of usage of animals actually paves a way for the animals to extinct, and we all very well know what would be the effect of animal extinction to us!
We still cannot refuse the fact that humans are actually benefitted by the entire process of animal test.. yet there is a loss of another soul right in the ecology.. humans can even tolerate if its all about testing just the medicinally approved drugs but using them for the test of cosmetics would really deserve some sort of opposition which would at least be a part of banning all these stuff!

Some people has to be clear with just one fact that all the living beings are equally same as they are all made by the god.. The one reason why the tigers are reaching the level of extinction is that is just that they are used for the evaluation purposes..We, educated people, know the value of every single life so well, but, still we're so much concerned about our selfness which is the most unwanted element in the society.. we get scared when we see the animals but we ourselves have paved a way to them to get scared of us and this is the effect of harming them...Beyond all the barriers they still fight to sustain but their lives are not in their a single human being, all i can say is..I WONT BUY COSMETICS UNTIL AND UNLESS ITS GIVES ME A GUARANTEE THAT IS HASN'T HARMED ANY ANIMAL AT ANY PART OF IT'S PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING, EVALUATING AND TRANSPORTING! and i am just too sure that if every person is too keen on this single statement, everything will change..
let's not harm them.. they are just too innocent to be troubled.. lets love them.. they have feelings..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My world.

Now, it's really been a very long time since I wrote stuff on this blog of mine! The main reason is I was quite busy with exams and holiday stuffs all these days and please guys, apologize me for this!

Anyways, now, I'm gonna write about "my little beautiful world". In general, our world has many places to visit and enjoy and many people are there to be with us and we do have tons of fun, enjoyment, things, money, buildings, clothes and many more! But my special world is unique in one way!! It knows only affection, It knows only love, It knows only how to care for me, It knows only ME! - MY MOM! She is my little beautiful lovely world :) She knows how to make me happy! People say that "Only a mom can know her child's hunger even without the child saying it out" and she is being the best example for that. She knows what to give me, when to give me and how to give me. She is the basic role model of mine in life! she has set an example in so many things, really many things. I admire the total her only because she loves me so much and so do I. 

She is a little short tempered and so kind hearted! Such a friendly mom.. Friends, I bet none of you can have a mom like I do! I share each and everything with her. She knows me more than I do. She is the never ending song in my heart! She lives for me, loves me and will do anything for me. My most favorite person! The respect and love I have for her, is so countless! Her smile, her affection and her caring is so priceless. And well, we're talking about mom and shouldn't we talk about her cooking skills and stuff? Oh my god, yeah, she cooks delicious recipes for me at home! I enjoy eating her food. My best friend's preparation lol :) 

She is really a sharp and a brilliant woman anyone can see! ;) She finds out all the little mischiefs I do! Unfortunately, thats the only thing I wish god hasn't given my mom. Otherwise, she is just so cool! I love her for her loyalty and responsibility in her day to day duties. She really affords a lot of her time for me though she is a politician! She comes to movies with me, takes me out and gets me whatever I need and want! My mom will always be loved by me for the way she teaches me how to live my LIFE! Well, she is my life! 

My best loved abode.

The ulterior motive for me to scribble about one of my favorite place is just to get you all so much intentional to visit the place. The one clue I can give you all is that is the place is a spartan, elementary and high class, and trendy place!

The people there, are, buoyant and happy-go-lucky! Now this may make you think or analyze that which place I am talking about! It will surely be a suspense till the end and I am sure, this will make you read the whole thing!

The place has diverse range of people. Three hundred languages are being spoken there within its boundaries! It is the leading commercial centre! It's called as a planetary city too. And, now, is any idea popping up in your minds? But still I want to make it simpler by giving the answer now! It's the "BUCKINGHAM CITY - LONDON!"
My love and addiction towards this country and its formula is, incalculable or inestimable! The way the people has adopted to live - their lifestyle is all just so especial and extra-ordinary.
At first, I gave much thoughts to how I can make this post look more decorative and impressive! But once I started writing about LONDON, I became really arctic and thought of making it as simpler as I can since the topic i have chosen is full of simpleness.

The theme of London, is extraordinarily simple! The citizens of that country are just easily managing to boot out all their afflictions and that's the only thing I adore about Londoners. It's absolutely a colorful town, Always partying with loud music and Eating the cake of happiness without any barrier. The way they have carried out to pick up a proper style for their country is really giving me amazement. It's the country which is always full of celebrations! It immediately remembers me of one place whenever someone talks about London, It's none other than, LONDON EYE.

LONDON EYE - It's a huge thing like giant wheel which carries tonnes of people and show them the whole London in minutes! It's a great amusement is that it is fully made of glass. I have those pictures stuck on my fridge as cliffhangers till date.

I learnt what's socialism in my ten day stay at London. Met so many people beyond my expectations, without any expectations! The modern town still beats with my heart. It's one of the best episodes of my life which pops up into my dream often! Would love to live in a place like London. Would love to stay there with an happy-go-lucky attitude! LONDON is LONDON.

Tender hearts.

would like to share a few estimates I have got in my psyche about children. As far as I have known, children are the purest. They're the most adorable creatures on this Earth and they can easily draw the attention of one individual! They are magnetic and great mesmerizers. 

Babies and children are known for truthfulness and purity...In other words, They the proving of truthfulness..They go only where they find excitement and stay where there is only sincere love. A man should know to achieve the seriousness of a child and only then, he is a man. Social attitudes toward children differ around the world in various cultures - Some people think that children should act upon the effects they realize but some think children should listen to their parents and elders! though it depends upon the way the child thinks, two different categories of people think it depends upon the way they lead their child!
Children are the future India! They are supposed to be trained in such a way they would love their country and the people in their country when they grow up! 
They should be the TESTIMONIES of our country and that is what is expected by every single responsible present citizens.
I can't make this blog better as I already made it the best by writing about children. Where there are children, there would definitely be happiness, high spirits, satisfaction, bliss, prosperity, rejoice, peace of mind and laughter.
One fact that amuses and comforts me is that, the way they carry out to entertain or occupy elders can never be imitated. 
Childhood is often referred to as the best part of life by many well-to-do people of this wide world. 
Out of all these, the one important fragment I would like to brush with a strong contrary or of course, The one thing I oppose firmly is CHILD LABOUR.
This is one big act in our society which is being followed by many people who are the actual hypocrites! This requires strong opposition while no body is there to. 
This must somehow be stopped and the main reason for this fashion to grow on is, poverty! Poor people are forced to send young promising and talented bright children to work. It's so pitiful and sometimes, awkward to see small children working in tea shops, coffee shops, news paper marts etc!
The one more dazed scene which people see in our day to day life is, beggars who besiege us in traffic signals and platforms with small children in their hands and shoulders! It is being an another misleading practice for the society to grow among the other countries.

So lets try to stop all these and help the sugar hearts to get educated!
-Pooja Rani.

My concept of life.

Life's a beautiful package of feelings which has so many emotions like sad, joy, sorrow, spirit etc..We need to enjoy it every now and then and we should learn to accept however the opportunities come..We need to do something useful for this society of ours which has a great part in building up all our image, infact, the whole us!There should be justice with the way we live! ...We should learn to make the people around us smile every now and then..Happiness can never be brought at any cost..Peace can never be brought at any cost...We should know to respect all the other living beings and should bring a change in the society...this especially is said for students..Once said the famous philosopher Earl nightingale "Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us!" this sentence greatly says the importance of man's attitude!Character is the base of opinion..We should know to behave well and high...

We are not any permanent monuments of this world..we are here why should we all fight and argue for all silly things in this short period of time we got to live? There are so many other good things for human beings to get engaged with..Let's enjoy..yeah..Let's enjoy the garden of life with the beautiful flowers called friends....We should treat life as a treasure! only then, we will know that even a single decision taken in life may bring huge changes in our fate!

People should mainly learn not to hurt others..We need to know how to udjust with people.. Tolerance is the biggest thing we could ever face in life..It is the only thing which is too hard to find out in this wide world..!Let's try to see issues or things also from others point of view..We should remember its not only our own world in which only we are surviving..It's a colourful crowded world in which we got to meet so many people with different attitudes everyday..So we need to know how to interact with the different interesting souls we get to know each day..

Our approach towards things should be different, not odd! The way we should interact with people should be full of pleasantness, not of rudeness! The way how we are going to lead our life should be pre planned, not late planned! We should understand the basic principles of life and then proceed further with how to correct things...It depends on the mode which we live, how others respect us and like us! Let's make everybody to like us! Let's make our life a colourful one. Thank you all! Meet you all in my next post!