Thursday, November 11, 2010

My world.

Now, it's really been a very long time since I wrote stuff on this blog of mine! The main reason is I was quite busy with exams and holiday stuffs all these days and please guys, apologize me for this!

Anyways, now, I'm gonna write about "my little beautiful world". In general, our world has many places to visit and enjoy and many people are there to be with us and we do have tons of fun, enjoyment, things, money, buildings, clothes and many more! But my special world is unique in one way!! It knows only affection, It knows only love, It knows only how to care for me, It knows only ME! - MY MOM! She is my little beautiful lovely world :) She knows how to make me happy! People say that "Only a mom can know her child's hunger even without the child saying it out" and she is being the best example for that. She knows what to give me, when to give me and how to give me. She is the basic role model of mine in life! she has set an example in so many things, really many things. I admire the total her only because she loves me so much and so do I. 

She is a little short tempered and so kind hearted! Such a friendly mom.. Friends, I bet none of you can have a mom like I do! I share each and everything with her. She knows me more than I do. She is the never ending song in my heart! She lives for me, loves me and will do anything for me. My most favorite person! The respect and love I have for her, is so countless! Her smile, her affection and her caring is so priceless. And well, we're talking about mom and shouldn't we talk about her cooking skills and stuff? Oh my god, yeah, she cooks delicious recipes for me at home! I enjoy eating her food. My best friend's preparation lol :) 

She is really a sharp and a brilliant woman anyone can see! ;) She finds out all the little mischiefs I do! Unfortunately, thats the only thing I wish god hasn't given my mom. Otherwise, she is just so cool! I love her for her loyalty and responsibility in her day to day duties. She really affords a lot of her time for me though she is a politician! She comes to movies with me, takes me out and gets me whatever I need and want! My mom will always be loved by me for the way she teaches me how to live my LIFE! Well, she is my life! 

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