Thursday, November 11, 2010

My concept of life.

Life's a beautiful package of feelings which has so many emotions like sad, joy, sorrow, spirit etc..We need to enjoy it every now and then and we should learn to accept however the opportunities come..We need to do something useful for this society of ours which has a great part in building up all our image, infact, the whole us!There should be justice with the way we live! ...We should learn to make the people around us smile every now and then..Happiness can never be brought at any cost..Peace can never be brought at any cost...We should know to respect all the other living beings and should bring a change in the society...this especially is said for students..Once said the famous philosopher Earl nightingale "Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us!" this sentence greatly says the importance of man's attitude!Character is the base of opinion..We should know to behave well and high...

We are not any permanent monuments of this world..we are here why should we all fight and argue for all silly things in this short period of time we got to live? There are so many other good things for human beings to get engaged with..Let's enjoy..yeah..Let's enjoy the garden of life with the beautiful flowers called friends....We should treat life as a treasure! only then, we will know that even a single decision taken in life may bring huge changes in our fate!

People should mainly learn not to hurt others..We need to know how to udjust with people.. Tolerance is the biggest thing we could ever face in life..It is the only thing which is too hard to find out in this wide world..!Let's try to see issues or things also from others point of view..We should remember its not only our own world in which only we are surviving..It's a colourful crowded world in which we got to meet so many people with different attitudes everyday..So we need to know how to interact with the different interesting souls we get to know each day..

Our approach towards things should be different, not odd! The way we should interact with people should be full of pleasantness, not of rudeness! The way how we are going to lead our life should be pre planned, not late planned! We should understand the basic principles of life and then proceed further with how to correct things...It depends on the mode which we live, how others respect us and like us! Let's make everybody to like us! Let's make our life a colourful one. Thank you all! Meet you all in my next post!

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