Thursday, November 11, 2010

My best loved abode.

The ulterior motive for me to scribble about one of my favorite place is just to get you all so much intentional to visit the place. The one clue I can give you all is that is the place is a spartan, elementary and high class, and trendy place!

The people there, are, buoyant and happy-go-lucky! Now this may make you think or analyze that which place I am talking about! It will surely be a suspense till the end and I am sure, this will make you read the whole thing!

The place has diverse range of people. Three hundred languages are being spoken there within its boundaries! It is the leading commercial centre! It's called as a planetary city too. And, now, is any idea popping up in your minds? But still I want to make it simpler by giving the answer now! It's the "BUCKINGHAM CITY - LONDON!"
My love and addiction towards this country and its formula is, incalculable or inestimable! The way the people has adopted to live - their lifestyle is all just so especial and extra-ordinary.
At first, I gave much thoughts to how I can make this post look more decorative and impressive! But once I started writing about LONDON, I became really arctic and thought of making it as simpler as I can since the topic i have chosen is full of simpleness.

The theme of London, is extraordinarily simple! The citizens of that country are just easily managing to boot out all their afflictions and that's the only thing I adore about Londoners. It's absolutely a colorful town, Always partying with loud music and Eating the cake of happiness without any barrier. The way they have carried out to pick up a proper style for their country is really giving me amazement. It's the country which is always full of celebrations! It immediately remembers me of one place whenever someone talks about London, It's none other than, LONDON EYE.

LONDON EYE - It's a huge thing like giant wheel which carries tonnes of people and show them the whole London in minutes! It's a great amusement is that it is fully made of glass. I have those pictures stuck on my fridge as cliffhangers till date.

I learnt what's socialism in my ten day stay at London. Met so many people beyond my expectations, without any expectations! The modern town still beats with my heart. It's one of the best episodes of my life which pops up into my dream often! Would love to live in a place like London. Would love to stay there with an happy-go-lucky attitude! LONDON is LONDON.

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