Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tender hearts.

would like to share a few estimates I have got in my psyche about children. As far as I have known, children are the purest. They're the most adorable creatures on this Earth and they can easily draw the attention of one individual! They are magnetic and great mesmerizers. 

Babies and children are known for truthfulness and purity...In other words, They the proving of truthfulness..They go only where they find excitement and stay where there is only sincere love. A man should know to achieve the seriousness of a child and only then, he is a man. Social attitudes toward children differ around the world in various cultures - Some people think that children should act upon the effects they realize but some think children should listen to their parents and elders! though it depends upon the way the child thinks, two different categories of people think it depends upon the way they lead their child!
Children are the future India! They are supposed to be trained in such a way they would love their country and the people in their country when they grow up! 
They should be the TESTIMONIES of our country and that is what is expected by every single responsible present citizens.
I can't make this blog better as I already made it the best by writing about children. Where there are children, there would definitely be happiness, high spirits, satisfaction, bliss, prosperity, rejoice, peace of mind and laughter.
One fact that amuses and comforts me is that, the way they carry out to entertain or occupy elders can never be imitated. 
Childhood is often referred to as the best part of life by many well-to-do people of this wide world. 
Out of all these, the one important fragment I would like to brush with a strong contrary or of course, The one thing I oppose firmly is CHILD LABOUR.
This is one big act in our society which is being followed by many people who are the actual hypocrites! This requires strong opposition while no body is there to. 
This must somehow be stopped and the main reason for this fashion to grow on is, poverty! Poor people are forced to send young promising and talented bright children to work. It's so pitiful and sometimes, awkward to see small children working in tea shops, coffee shops, news paper marts etc!
The one more dazed scene which people see in our day to day life is, beggars who besiege us in traffic signals and platforms with small children in their hands and shoulders! It is being an another misleading practice for the society to grow among the other countries.

So lets try to stop all these and help the sugar hearts to get educated!
-Pooja Rani.

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